Can I connect a USB keyboard to the Q?

Yes you can! Here is a full list of key mappings:


Ctrl-Shift-0: Switch Input 0 thru 6 F1: Home
Ctrl-Shift-6: Switch HDMI Input 0 thru 6 F2: Input Select Menu
Ctrl-Shift-MINUS: Previous Input F3: Now Playing
Ctrl-Shift-PLUS: Next Input F6: Red
Ctrl-Shift-B: Rewind F7: Green
Ctrl-Shift-F: Fast Forward F8: Mute
Ctrl-Shift-R: Refresh F9: Volume Down
Ctrl-Shift-P: Play F10: Volume Up
Ctrl-Shift-S: Stop F11: Yellow
Ctrl-Shift-Z: Zoom F12: Blue
Ctrl-Shift-A: Audio ESC: Back
Ctrl-Shift-OEM_3: Power On Arrows: Up/Down/Left/Right (Navigation)
Ctrl-Shift-OEM_7: Power Off Enter: Select
Ctrl-F: Skip Forward  
Ctrl-B: Skip Back  
Ctrl-P: Pause  
Ctrl-D: Info  
Ctrl-L: Listen  
Ctrl-M: Movies  
Ctrl-T: Live TV  
Ctrl-G: Guide  
Ctrl-O: Recorded TV  
Ctrl-I: Pictures  
Ctrl-E: Videos  
Ctrl-SPACE: Play / Pause  
Ctrl-UP: Page Up  
Ctrl-DOWN: Page Down  
Ctrl-END: Now Playing  


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